Thursday, 30 January 2014

The allusive cafe post (part two)

Little bird (16 Kensington Gardens)

This is much more of a tea and cake place but they sure do a good job of it. With wooden benches it isn't the cosiest of places but it is well lit with incredibly friendly staff which makes the experience more than enjoyable. I had a homemade brownie when I came here and it did not disappoint at all. Wonderfully moist and one of those things that you never want to stop eating. There isn't the biggest selection of tea ever and no chai to fill my addiction but the cafe is always relatively quiet so perfect for spending the afternoon with a book if you can overlook the lack of comfy seating. I think the real draw here would be the range of homemade vegan cakes but as I am yet to try one I sadly can't comment, my friends seem to go here especially for them though so they must be good!

Wai Kika Moo Kau (11a Kensington Gardens)
As a vegetarian cafe Wai Kika Moo Kau is certainly an attractive place for those wanting to avoid meat and the line that often forms outside assures me that people seem to be attuned to that. As one of my favourite cafes in Brighton I can't help returning here again and again, yet despite the vast menu which also offers a good range of vegan options I do always find myself going for the same thing. The halloumi pitta with sweet chilli sauce is so mouth watering that I actually dream about it, whenever my mind returns to it I feel on the verge of salivation and suddenly get incredibly hungry. Plus the prices here are a reason to go in itself. A halloumi pitta will set you back a mere 3.50 and the rest of the menu is equally unthreatening to your wallet - ideal for the money conscious student.

Iydea (17 Kensington Gardens)
If this were an award ceremony then Iydea would without a doubt be going home with first prize and as winner of the Brighton and Hove Foodie Awards' best cafe it seems I'm not the only one who thinks so. An array of homemade vegetarian and vegan dishes which changes daily, there is nothing boring about this place and I think it would simply be impossible to tire of it. For those meat addicts out there don't let the fact that this place is vegetarian put you off. Upon my first visit I quickly came to the conclusion that I had just eaten the best meal I had ever come across, and as someone who loves to eat that is definitely a high compliment. In fact, just how good the food was is one of the things that nudged me towards making the jump to vegetarianism.

The portions here are more than generous with a large main, two sides and two dips (I'd recommend the spicy tomato salsa every time). I often find that I end up bringing the remains of my meal home in a take away box. As a student, being provided with two meals in one is always appreciated. As for the set up of the cafe itself there's plenty of space and lots of friendly faces. The staff are always a pleasure and happy to recommend which dish is their favourite out of the selection of wonders. Plus if you can nab a window seat then you're in for a healthy dose of people watching. Now all this talk of delicious food has made me hungry, I guess a trip to Iydea is in order...

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